10 Gorgeous Crochet Faux Locs Hairstyles

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Human beings are rarely satisfied with just one thing. This is why every product comes in varieties of colors, lengths, or any other metric applicable to that product. That way everyone gets to choose what they want and need. However, when it comes to hair, diversity is important.

Faux locs hairstyles are gaining increasing acceptance for several reasons—and we will tell you why you should consider them too. Growing natural locs is challenging and you might have to give up on a lot of other hairdos.

Well, here’s the good news! It doesn’t have to be that way anymore because someone came up with the creation of crochet faux locs hairstyles. Faux locs are commitment-free dreads you can get in a few hours rather than waiting for years to grow your natural hair. These crochet faux locs look and feel like the real thing.

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It is the perfect look for a romantic evening, a family vacation, and so much more. We know making a choice is not always easy. That is why we present you with some of our favorite faux loc hairstyles to lighten your burden.

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How long do Faux Locs Hairstyles last?

This is arguably the biggest concern holding many people that admire the faux locs hairstyle from getting one. We really can’t blame them because the hair looks expensive—and depending on your stylist and the quality of the locs, it can really be expensive.

The first thing you should know is that faux locs should not be mistaken for real traditional locs. The latter can last a lifetime while how long the faux locs will last will depend on your maintenance routine. Typically, it should last anywhere from four to six weeks.

One of the mistakes we see often among amateurs that wear faux locs hairstyles is that they wash them as part of maintenance. Popular beauty magazine, Prose, suggests that you clean the locs rather than wash them.

Cleaning the hair with apple cider vinegar or any other product that helps to maintain the hair’s pH balance is recommended. You should do this once every two weeks.

How to do the faux locs hairstyles

A popular bon mot said there are different ways to catch a mouse. Likewise, there are different ways to achieve faux locs. For those with really long hair, the favored technique is to braid the hair into independent strands. Then, the braids are wrapped with a coarse extension to achieve the locks.

The second popular technique is favored for those with shorter hair. The natural hair is braided into cornrows. The next step is crocheting the faux locs onto the cornrows. This method is faster than the first. However, it doesn’t look as realistic as wrapping the braid with an extension.

Things to consider when choosing a faux loc hairstyle

Faux locs hairstyles can be styled in dozens of ways. Before heading to a salon, the first logical thing to do is to have one to three styles in mind. We know there are people that trust their stylists so much that they let them decide for them. We see this a lot with crochet braids.

If that works for you, keep at it. However, it is not a behavior that we will openly promote. When choosing faux locs crochet hairstyles, another important consideration you have to make is the size of the locs.

The smaller the locks, the more hair extensions you will likely need. This may make your hair feel a lot heavier. Depending on your level of pain tolerance, you may end up with headaches or experience difficulty with sleeping.

The final but no less important decision is how tight the locs should be. The tighter the locs, the longer it would likely last. However, the downside to this is that tighter locs will pull on your hair follicles and edges which may lead to breakage.

Now that we have those considerations out of the way, let us take a look at our favorite faux locs hairstyles.

Faux Loc Hairstyle #1

One of our favorite Faux Locs Hairstyles

The beauty of a woman, they say, lies in her hair. Faux locs add a different type of vibe to crochet hairstyles. While some women don’t like people knowing the secret about their hairdo, this style is for those that don’t care.

The hair is first braided into cornrows followed by crocheting the faux locs on the cornrows. A small arc is left exposed on the left side of the head to show the cornrows. Finally, accentuate the beauty of the crochet locs with braid rings.

Faux locs Hairstyle #2

goddess crochet faux locs hairstyle

A woman’s confidence is part of her aura, and it says a lot about her. The high bun faux locs crochet hairstyle fits naturally like a crown on your pretty head.

You can achieve this style regardless of whether you are wearing a faux loc crochet or the type of faux loc where the hair extensions are wrapped around your natural braids. Once the faux locs are done, take the front part and wrap it around the base to form a bun. Go ahead, show it off.

Faux locs Hairstyle #3

twist Hairstyle

For someone who loves to let down their hair, this is definitely what you need. This is one of the faux locs crochet hairstyles that shows how versatile locs can be. This style combines the regular locs with waves.

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For this style, your stylist will likely start with cornrows. Once the cornrows are done, they will install the wavy locs on the cornrows. The beauty of this crochet style is making sure that your cornrows are neatly covered to leave everyone guessing. Finish off with good edge control.

Faux locs Hairstyle #4

sweet and a little mysterious

Have you ever wondered what if would look like if you combined faux locs with curls? Now you have your answer. Variety is the spice of life and there is no better way to spice up your life like wearing this unusual sight?

For this hairstyles, make independent box braids using hair extension color of your choice. Install wavy hair extensions on all the box braids. Randomly pick half of the braids and wrap them up with kanekalon hair to get the faux locs. Now, you have a unique hairstyle that will cause a stir.

Faux locs Hairstyle #5

The locs are in color

Nowadays everyone goes on and on about inner beauty and we totally agree. But come to think about it, no one can tell how beautiful you are on the inside if they don’t get attracted by the outside first! in other words, you have to make the outside look as beautiful as the inside.

Jumbo faux locs gives the Bob Marley vibe and they never go out of taste. To get this look, you have to first make independent braids and then wrap them up with hair yarn until you get the desired volume. Pick random jumbo locs and adorn them with colorful hair ties. We have to warn, this can make your hair really heavy.

Faux locs Hairstyle #6

White Faux

When grey meets black multiplied by style it equals to a completely beautiful out-of-this-world look. With the help of a bandana, you can personalize the entire picture. This hairstyle is what happens when a braided ponytail meets faux locs.

After making your regular ponytail braids, use a grey hair yarn to wrap them up to create this faux locs hairstyle. Life is too short to stick with boring hairstyles. Dare yourself to try something you’ve never done before. Maybe you’ll find something in you, you never knew existed.

Faux locs Hairstyle #7

faux locs hairstyle with a frizz

If you are aiming for that sultry-sweet, innocent-mysterious look, this crochet faux loc hairstyle is the ideal choice for you. Combined with the right outfit, you could become anyone and play the role of sinner or saint. Imagine being a bond girl one minute and Cinderella the next!

This faux locs crochet hairstyle starts with independent box braids. the base of the hair is wrapped with a black yarn. Furthermore, the rest of the hair is wrapped a colored hair extension. The most interesting feature is that the ends of the hair are left to fluff out, Your options are limitless with faux locs.

Faux locs Hairstyle #8

One of the coolest faux locs hairstyles

Faux locs hairstyles doesn’t have to be complex to look beautiful. This is just an example of how simple faux locs can still pop with the right colors. It creates an exciting and distinguished look.

Simply make independent braids that flows freely. Next, choose a hair yarn of your preferred color and wrap them up. Make a knot at the back of the head using two strands of hair from both sides of the head to secure the entire braids. We recommend decorating a few strands with braid rings.

Faux locs Hairstyle #9

Piggy tail faux locs crochet hairstyle is becoming a trend among young people

When we say that faux locs crochet hairstyle are flexible, this is exactly what we mean. You can transform virtually any hairstyle to faux locs and enhance the charm in the process. In this case it was the regular pigtail that got a facelift.

To achieve this faux locs crochet hairstyle, start by making your regular pigtail. Then, loosely wrap up the pigytail braids with hair yarns. You can hold the pigtails neatly together using either hair bands or hair scarf. Don’t forget to style your edges with organic edge control to leave everyone drooling over you.

Faux locs Hairstyle #10

A simple faux loc hairstyle and a broad smile is all the charm you need

This beautiful faux locs crochet hairstyle is quite interesting. Notice how a few edges are purple? that’s right, you don’t notice it instantly till you wonder where the glow on her face is coming from.

You can either crochet your faux locs to neatly done cornrows or wrap up your box braids to get here. However, what really stands out is how the ends of the locs are sealed. If you need a simple faux locs without all the drama and frizz, this is the right starting point.

Before you go

We mentioned in the beginning that we will tell you why you should switch to faux locs if you are not already wearing them right? Now, here is the catch. Faux locs are actually protective hairstyles.

They wrap up your hair and covers them up from harmful UV rays and other harmful chemicals from the environment. Also, they don’t damage your hair like braids. You can wear them in-between braids to give your hair time to heal.

To prevent breakage from faux locs crochet hairstyles, prime your hair in preparation to your visit to the salon. Do this by pampering your hair with hair masks and leave-in conditioners to nourish, hydrate, and strengthen your hair to bear the faux locs.

Interestingly, faux locs is a low maintenance hair. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to wash your hair while wearing them. If you must wash them, make sure you gently do so and allow them to airdry.

One final tip is to wrap the faux locs in a scarf or hair bonnet at night to lock in the moisture and lock in the shine. You don’t want all that hair all over your face while you sleep.

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