15 Cool Haircuts For Black Men

When it comes to black men and their hair, some keep it simple and others go all out artistic. With black hair texture, there are styles black men can d that will be difficult to pull off with any other texture. Follow on as we look at 15 really cool haircuts for black men which are causing waves in the world today.

#1. Low Fadeย 

Haircuts For Black Men -Low fade has become popularized among black men.
Low fade has become popularized among black men.Haircuts For Black Men [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Stylish Menโ€™s Haircuts]

The low fade is a simple elegant haircut which takes the hairline a bit up while following it up and maintaining the hairline. It tapers down to the side and occurs lower on the head. This hairstyle is sometimes called a drop fade. It naturally gives the hair a rounded shape when itโ€™s viewed from the back.

#2. Line up

Black men cut -Haircuts For Black Men
A young Black man looking chic in the Line Up hair cut. โ€“ Haircuts For Black Men [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/WattPad]

This haircut is definitely a smooth one. It can be regarded as the perfect black men haircut as it is quite simple yet breathtaking when done properly. It is done by making sure the edges and lines of the hair are properly shoven. This will ensure that the edges of the hair , sideburns and temples have a straight angle and line up to it. The line up will give the perfect chiseled jawline look.

#3. Box Fade

The Box Fade haircut -Haircuts For Black Men
A young Black man rocking the box fade haircut. โ€“ Haircuts For Black Men[Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Menโ€™s Hairstyle Trends]

This fade is also known as the high top fade. It was known to be popular in the 90โ€™s amongst young men. The style has come back now in all of its glory to relive itโ€™s Glory days. Itโ€™s a style that keeps the hair close to the neck very short while ensuring that the top length rises towards the top. It starts at the ear and leads up to the top of the head. This unique haircut is wonderful for people with textured hair as it accentuates their hair texture.

#4. Buzz Cut

Haircut image
The buzz cut is gaining popularity among black men.Haircuts For Black Men [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Menโ€™s Hairstyles Fix]

The Buzz cut is a haircut done by most black men all over the world. It is a cut which evens out the hair length throughout the head. This hairstyle can be accompanied with a line up or hard part at most times. It keeps the black man looking smart and clean.

#5. Twists and a Fade

Black haircut image -Haircuts For Black Men
The twist-and-fade haircut is capturing black hearts. -Haircuts For Black Men [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Dโ€™Mo]

This haircut for black men is one which needs skill and precision. It combines the fade haircut which tapers the hairline and twists which could be voluminous or not. Twists are very versatile so they could be long, short or medium lengthy. Either length works perfectly well for the black man.

#6. Afro

Afro haircut
The Afro haircut is an ageless classic Black menโ€™s haircut. -Haircuts For Black Men [Photo Credit: Men Hairstyles World]

The Afro haircut involves growing the kinky hair to a very large extent, it could be combined with a fade, taper cut or any other style. It could alsoย  be texturized into curls with chemicals according to the taste of the person involved. Afros are a bold and beautiful style which certainly draw attention to the black man. Itโ€™s definitely the black man haircut.

#7. Frohawk

Black frohawk hairstyle
The frohawk haircut fits all kinds of black hair -Haircuts For Black Men. [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/ Next Luxury]

A Frohawk is a combination of a Mohawk and an Afro hairstyle. The Frohawk involves cutting the sides of the hair short while leaving the middle of the hair to an afro length. It could be paired with side partings or designs that are interesting.

#8. Cornrows

Cornrows image
Haircuts For Black Men-A black man rocking his freshly made cornrows. [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Menโ€™s Hairstyles Today]

One of the trendiest black haircuts for men are cornrows. They are very intriguing and daring. Cornrows are braids made on the scalp and they could be in threeโ€™s, fourโ€™s or more. Cornrows can be coupled with a fade as they make it look quite different yet nice. They could be done in the preferred color of the person involved and certainly, they do pass the vibe check for the African man.

#9. Taper cut

Taper cut image
A black man looking dapper in his taper cut. โ€“ Haircuts For Black Men [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Cabelo Afro]

The taper haircut is a very similar haircut to the fade. It is worn by black men and visibly accentuates their look. A taper haircut is done by reducing the sides and the back of the hair while maintaining a top crown at the front. The hairline in a taper haircut is cut short but kept intact and not shifted inside as a fade.

#10 . Curls

Curls image
Haircuts For Black Men0 This haircut is a perfect fit for black men. [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Menโ€™s Hairstyles Now]

Curls are definition added to the hair either by chemical use or by the use of heat. Mostly, they add texture to the natural kinky hair and make it have more defined curls. These curls could be medium or not so medium depending on the personโ€™s order. Curls can be used with an afro, a high fade cut or even a buzz cut. They are a very beautiful haircut for the black man.ย 

#11.Dreads Undercut

Dread undercut image
A black man donning his dread undercut. -Haircuts For Black Men[Photo Credit: the right hairstyles.com]

Black men haircuts like the dreadlocks never go out of style rather they upgrade. Dreads are one of the best haircuts for black men all over the globe. They can be made by twisting the hair and they could be paired with any other hairstyle you wish. Dreads undercut are just a combination of dreads with an undercut. The undercut makes sure the sides of the hair are cut short all round while dreads are left towards the front.

#12.Temple Fadeย 

Temple fade image
A black man looking sexy in a sharp temple fade [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Haircut Inspiration]

The temple fade haircut is a great haircut for black men. It is an excellent cut which involves cutting the sides of the hair and giving a smooth cut to the temples.

#13. A crew cut and line up

Crew cut image
Odell Beckham Jr rocking the crew cut. [Photo Credit: Menshealth.com]

This haircut is basically worn by any age group. It can be worn by teachers, grade schoolers down to matures business men. It is done by ensuring the upright hair is cut short at the front and shorter at the back. In a crew cut the hair is cut in varying lengths ensuring the front is longer.

#14. Waves and Skin Fade

Black man haircut
A black man rocking the waves with fade. [Photo Credit: Pinterest.com/Menโ€™s Hairstyles Now]

Waves are a very practical style which makes the black man look neat and handsome. They can be coupled with a skin fade hereby upscaling the normal look. Waves are done by skillful barbers.

#15. Clean cut

Clean cut image
Clean cuts remain ageless among black men. [Photo Credit: theshaverzone.com]

A clean cut is a very daring and elegant haircut to carry. It is done by basically shaving all your hair off and ensuring a very clean cut. This cut coupled with lining of the beards gives a great look any day anytime . It is the elegant haircut for the black man.


Grooming is imperative for every humanย  irrespective of the gender. Still,ย  a haircutย  and little trimming could go a long way in changing a man. Every haircut brings out something different in a man. A neat and concise hair cut would utterly transform any man into a god. These black men haircuts are just a few amongst the best and trendiest haircuts for black men. If you know any more that youโ€™d want to share do not forget to mentionย  so in the comment box.

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