5 Sexy Faux Hawks For The Naturalista African Woman

There is nothing that shows off your sassy fashionista-ness like the mohawk. The classic version of the style was with shaved sides of your head, leaving a stripe of hair, running from the center of your forehead to the back of your head. Edgy right? we know. Just take a look at Rihanna in all her edginess … but we digress. Not every naturalista can afford to chop off good hair for a one-off hairstyle. So how do you show off your β€˜bad self’ without paying your pound of hair for the look? Well, we are glad you asked because we have you covered. We have compiled videos of 5 types of faux hawks that will leave your natural hair intact and still show off your non-conforming cool side.

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Rihanna at the NRJ Music Awards

Style#1 – Braidless Crochet Faux Hawk

Why go through the strenuous effort to braid or roll up your natural hair when you can just take a short cut with crochet braids? Beats our imagination because we like the easy and quick route to looking fabulous.

Style#2 – Pony Faux Hawk

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Style#3 – Side Braided Faux Hawk

Style#4 – Puff Faux Hawk

Style#5 – Bantu Faux Hawk


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