9 Tips And Tricks On How To Cut Boy’s Hair At Home

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Having boys with really long hair is adorable. However, the feeling quickly fades when you have to visit the salon every week or bi-weekly. This is not only expensive but will also disrupt your schedule. However, the last thing you want is other kids making fun of your kids because of unkempt hair. If you are in this category, consider cutting your child’s hair at home.

One interesting fact about black hair is that it grows fast. One way in which you can cut down on cost is by cutting your boy’s hair at home. You can use various techniques to trim the hair depending on the style, length, and hair’s texture. In this guide, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks you can use to cut boys’ hair at home.

#1. Don’t try new complicated hairstyles

The first tip in cutting your boy’s hair at home is to avoid complicated styles. Don’t try anything fancy and end up messing up your child’s hairβ€”leave that for the professionals. You want to try out something simple and neat instead of trying to give your son a whole new look. Also, the way you should cut the hair will depend on the curls of the hair as well as the length. For beginners, the most you should do will likely be trimming. However, before going ahead with the trimming, there is something you need to do.

#2. Ensure the hair is clean and dry

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A woman washing a child’s hair (Photo credit: huffingtonpost.ca)

Before trimming the hair, it is always a good practice to give it a good wash. This allows you to untangle the hair and see its full length. Dirt in the hair like sand can blunt the blades of your clipper or scissors. However, the last thing you want to do is to cut the hair when it is still wet. This is because wet hair tends to lie on the scalp, making it hard for you to know the true length of the hair. If your child has wavy or curly hair, it’s advisable to let it air dry. However, if he has straight and thick hair, you can blow dry it to become smooth. A good and clean cut begins with quality preparation of the hair.

#3. Use a wide-tooth comb

Before cut your boy’s hair at home, you will need to get yourself a wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth comb is less painful for detanglingβ€”especially if your child has a curly or wavy hair. It is also less likely to cause split ends than using a comb with narrow teeth. However, there are times when you may need to follow up the wide-tooth comb with a narrow one to properly straighten the hair.

#4. Break the ice with a mentor

Trying something new is often really scaryβ€”especially when you love your son and highly emotional about his looks. This is where a mentor comes in. You can hire a barber to give you some tips or go over to the barbershop a few times to see how it is done. If you already have a neighbor that cut’s their son’s hair, you are in luck, visit or invite them over for some tips. When with a mentor, feel free to ask questions for clarification of anything that may seem confusing.

Alternatively, if you really want to do it solo, begin with dolls. Get male dolls with fancy hair and start practicing with them. While cutting a doll’s hair is nothing compared to a boy, it helps to break the ice and relax your muscles. It is also the best way to accustom your hands to the cutting tools.

#5. Watch YouTube videos

Perhaps, you don’t have any friend or mentor that knows how to cut hair, there are numerous videos on YouTube that give great tips on how to cut boys hair. These videos will provide you with great insights into what you are supposed to do to get that perfect haircut. Look out for videos that have similar characteristics. For example, if your boy has curly and wavy hair, watch YouTube videos that show steps of cutting wavy and curly hair.

#6. Invest in the right tools

Buying the right tools is important. This will ensure that you have everything in line before the haircut day. Some of the tools you will need include scissors, clippers, a trimmer, and a comb. A pair of scissors is used for cutting or trimming around the ears, sideburns, and the neck. You will also need a stool for them to sit on as you cut the hair. You can place the chair in the bathroom to avoid messing up the other rooms.

#7. Start with minor cuts

Now is not the time to go all experimental and especially if it’s your first time. The more you try to experiment with new styles, the higher the chances of having a major mishap. Therefore, start small by portioning the mane into small sections and cutting the hair little by little. Avoid making a sweeping deep cut. Take it little by little so that you can easily correct any error. Remember, if the hair is still long, you can always trim, but it is difficult to put it back once you have chopped it off.

#8. Check the direction of the hair and scissors

woman showing how to cut boy's hair
A woman about to cut a child’s hair (Photo credit: desumama.com)

How you hold your hair and scissors when cutting your boy’s hair will significantly determine the outcome. If you want the hair to remain even, you should pull the mane straight upwards with your fingers. Afterward, place the scissors parallel to the mane peeking through your fingers and cut. Every cut should be measured for a fairly even result

#9. Have styling products

Onceyou are done cutting the hair, you will need to style it. Having good styling products is one way to have a better outcome. Apply the haircut styling product after every cut. That will help to seal in the cuticles and also prevent future fraying of the hair. For very low cuts where the tool grazes through the hair, you need products that will help prevent irritation of the scalp.


Boys need a haircut every now or then. You will not always have time to rush to the barbershop to get his hair doneβ€”especially when they are really young. Learning a thing or two about cutting your boy’s hair will come in handy for such days. Also, after the long haircut, you can reward your boys for their patience. Learning a new skill can be scary and stressful but will pay off, eventually.

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