Here Are Our 10 Favorite Videos That Teach You How to do Crochet Braids On YouTube

crochet braids

One hairstyle that keeps recycling and never goes out of style is crochet braids. Interestingly, irrespective of the size and length of your hair, you can wear them. Firstly, you need to plait your hair into cornrows, and then, fix the extensions to the cornrows. To install the hair extension, you will need a crochet needle. Once you have attached the hair extension using the crochet needle, you secure it by tying it into a knot around the cornrow.

Crochet braids are popular since they are easy to install. Even some of our favorite celebrities such as Yemi Alade, Solange Knowles, Rihanna, and Keke Palmer have been seen on several occasions rocking the popular braids. If you are new to these braids, the following videos on Youtube will guide you on how to do crochet braids.

  1. Crochet braids twist

To achieve this crochet braid twist you first need to blow dry your hair. Next, you partition your hair into a two; a smaller front section and a larger back section. Plait the front into small single braids and the back into a cornrow. Wear a weave-in hat. Take a crochet needle and crochet the hair on your cornrows. Crotcheting the front part is tricky and it is best you learn from the expert in the video.

Products to use

Hair dryer

Crochet hook

  1. Crochet with braiding hair

To achieve this style you need to braid the front part of your hair into cornrows. When you are done with the cornrows, crochet the rest of your hair into a zig-zag. Next, you take pieces of the hair extension and crochet it on the rest of your hair.

Products to use

Braiding hair

Crotchet needle

  1. Crotchet braids for beginners

If you have never had crochet braids, it is important to keep things simple. The above video will guide you on the steps you need to take. First, you need to have cornrows braided, then grease your scalp with hair oil, and then separate the hair extensions. Thirdly, you crochet the braid to your hair.

Products to use

Hair oil

Rat Tail CombΒ 

Hair Cutting ShearsΒ 

Ringlet Wand Curl JAMAICAN BOUNCE Crochet Hair

DooGro Hair Growth Formula

  1. Crochet locs

If you have ever wanted to have natural hair locs but for one reason or the other it eludes you, this video tutorial will come in handy. In this video, you learn how to crochet locs. You first start by dividing your hair into three parts. The front part you do simple braids; the middle part you braid cornrows; the back part you make small braids. The last step is to apply oil on your scalp and crochet the locs on to your hair.

Products to use

Hair oil

Crochet needle

  1. Crochet box braids

You can install crochet box braids by yourself or get help from a professional. All you need to do is to cornrow a portion of your mane and braid out the back part of your hair into small braids. The next step is to oil your scalp and crochet the braids onto your hair. Voila, your box braids are ready to be shown off!

Products to use

Crotchet hook,

Hair oil

  1. Crochet braids with no cornrows

If you don’t know how to do cornrow braids, then this tutorial will help you. For starters, you need to part your locks the side then apply hair cream and hair gel. The next step is to apply hair cream to the rest of your hair and twist it into four parts. Use bobby pins to hold the twist outs in place. Finally, wear a weave-in hat and crochet the extensions into it.

Products to use


Crochet hook

Dark n lovely curl defining glaze

Softee naturals Curl enhancer

Bobby pins

  1. Crotchet twist

The crochet twist style is easy as you only need to braid your hair into small braids. The middle section should be plaited into neat cornrows. Afterward, take your pencil mambo twist braids and crochet them on your tresses. Style the hair as you desire.

Products to use

Crochet hook

Twist braids

  1. Spring twist crochet braids

For this hair tutorial, you need to section your hair and grease it with hair cream. Section the hair into boxes and hold each section with a rubber band. After you are done, crochet the spring twist extensions to the hair.

Products to use

Crochet hook

Rubber bands

Spring twist hair

Shine and jam silk edges

  1. Jumbo box braids

The first step before installing the jumbo box braids is to divide your hair into different sections. Secondly, apply edge control to smoothen out the hair. The final step is to take the braids extension and crochet them on your hair using a crotchet needle.

Products to use

Edge control

Crochet needle

Jumbo box braids

Hair elastics

10. Afro crochet braids

Looking to change up your look? Try rocking the Afro crochet braids. The style is super easy to achieve, and it will not take much of your time. First, you need to braid your hair from front to the back. Next, you leach the braid to the needle and crotchet it to your hair

Products to use

Kinky Crush Bulk Janet Collection

Crochet needle

If you love being up to date with the latest trends in hair, crochet braid is definitely a style you would want to try. One of the most interesting things about crochet braids is that they can go with any outfit and any occasion. You can even switch them and wear a new look every day and leave people wondering how you do it. Which of the crochet braids in the videos do you think you will try first? Share your views in the comment box below.

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