Five Halloween Hairstyles To Bring Your Costume To Life

Halloween hairstyle

Have you ever wondered what makes Halloween hairstyles an important part of the festival’s costume? The answer is not far-fetched. Your hairstyle can contribute significantly to how scary you look.

It is about that time of the year again when you get to have a lot of fun while being goofy. It’s Halloween, a holiday festival that will have you dress up and go out of your houses to play pranks on people and tell scary stories. Are you anticipating this holiday festival? Halloween is about a week away, how much do you know about the holiday?

Many people don’t know the meaning of Halloween and how the holiday came to be. When that time of the year comes, they just dress up and go get a treat or trick people. In this post, you will learn about Halloween, how it came to be, and 5 hairstyles that can bring your Halloween costume to life.

What Is Halloween?

Another name for Halloween is All Hallow’s Eve. It is a festival to help people remember the deadβ€”the martyrs, saints, and others. The celebration started from the practices of the early churches, which date back to as far back as 609 A.D.

Today, we celebrate Halloween by wearing costumes, telling horror stories, visiting horrific attractions, watching horror movies, and many more. It is one celebration many people look forward to because it brings loads of fun, sprinkled with giddy fear.

Why and When Do Americans Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween has become a popular and much celebrated holiday in the US. It is the second biggest holiday in the country, so big that the country spends about $6 billion on the holiday every year. The holiday holds on the 31st of October every year where people, especially children have fun dressing up for trick or treat. Even though this holiday is popular in the US, it didn’t originate there.

The colonialists of the USβ€”English Puritansβ€”brought what we now know as Halloween into the country. It started as a celebration of the English colonialists in the US, till they started imbibing the celebration in the locals. The celebration started around the 1800-1900 AD.

At that time, Americans knew it as the annual autumn festival. However, they did not celebrate it in most parts of the country. However, during the latter part of the 19th century which saw the country flooded with immigrants, the festival started spreading.

Modern-day Halloween celebration

Halloween is now very much celebrated in the US, so much that many kids look forward to the celebration. This celebration is for both kids and adults. In fact, many adults also look forward to it as much as the kids. The thrill of dressing up and giving out treats makes even adults expect the celebration.

During Halloween, you put on costumes such as dresses, plasters, body paintings, and many more to rhyme with the spooky theme of the festival. Some people prepare for what they want to wear or how they want to look during the festive time way before the day. However, most times they forget something, their hair.

Many people during Halloween focus more on their costumes and leave their hair. Hairstyling is one thing that would bring out the message you want your costume to portray. When many people think about costumes, they totally leave out their hair.

However, this makes people recognize them less frightening which also dampens the goal. Interestingly, there are certain Halloween hairstyles that would not only portray the message of your costume but also make you look more spooky for the festival. The following are five hairstyles you should try for the upcoming Halloween celebration.

5 Halloween Hairstyles to Consider

Here are Halloween hairstyles to consider, and how to make them. Pairing these hairstyles with the right dress and costumes will make you the scariest in your neighborhood.

#1. Aaliyah

Aaliyah Halloween hairstyle
A model sporting the Aaliyah hairstyle. (Image Credit: Carla StevennΓ© on Pintrest)

If you want to go for a 90s look, this is one of the best hairstyles that you should go for. Aaliyah is a RnB legend in the 90s and her fashion sense was epic too. The Aaliyah look is easy to pull off. You can use this for almost every costume. For instance, dress like a zombie.

If you put the Aaliyah hairstyle in your zombie costume, it would have a creative Aaliyah taste which many people would appreciate. If you want the Aaliyah hairstyle, just wrap a bandana across your forehead and wear small-framed sunglasses.

#2. Wakanda Ponytail

Wakanda Ponytail Hairstyle
Wakanda-themed ponytail hairstyle for Halloween. (Image Credit: Shieka Lanham on Pintrest)

Arguably, all of us have watched the scintillating movie, Black Panther. Not only is the acting and the storyline of the movie top-notch, but there are other ideas you can get from it. This include Halloween hairstyles. If you want to look exotic, fashionable, and go well with the theme of the Halloween festival, the Wakanda ponytail is just right for you.

The first step is stretching out your hair. Afterward, part into large sections. Put edge control or gel to rhyme the hair and the braids. Put the hair in a ponytail and start braiding down. Braid to the length you want and add decorative beads. You are good to rock any costume you want.

#3. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Colored Harley Quinn hairstyle. (Image Credit: Wigs Buy on Pintrest)

If you are looking for a crazy, fun look, the Harley Quinn hairstyle is your best bet. You should know that there are various ways you can fix the Harley Quinn look. However, one of the fan favorite is the curly pigtail. It has a cute, sassy, and dangerous aura.

Fixing the Harley Quinn look is a straightforward thing to do. The first step is for you to put your hair into two pigtails or ponytails depending on how long your hair is. You then paint it white, red, or blue and put on Harley Quinn makeup.

#4. Flapper Bob

Floppy bob Halloween hairstyle
Flapper Bob as a Halloween hairstyle. (Image Credit: Dreamstime)

If you want vintage hairstyle that was popular in the 1920s, flapper bob will make a nice choice. It gives an innocent yet, sturdy look you would love to see on anyone. Even if you have long hair, you can turn it into a flapper bob. The first step in getting a flapper bob is for you to part your hair to rhyme with the arch on your eyebrow.

Next, separate your hair into three sections: the front, the crown, and the bottom. Move to barrel curling the front section. Then, tease your hair into a cotton candy-like texture. Move on to gathering together your cotton candyflike hair and secure with bobby pins. Let down your hair by gently brushing out your curls. Move on to pinning down any loose hanging tendrils, and there you have a Flapper bob for your costume.

#5. Domino Afro

Domino Afro Halloween hairstyle
A beautiful woman sporting the Domino Afro hairstyle. (Image Credit: iStockPhoto)

For classic, vintage, and heads high looks with your costume, this hairstyle is the one you go for. It has a lot of history embedded in it and it goes with almost any costume that you can think of. Not only is it beautiful and classic, it is also very to fix. Unlike most of the hairstyles we mentioned, you can easily get a domino wig and design it in any way that you want.


These are five wonderful and easy-to-make Halloween hairstyles that will give life to your Halloween costume this year. Have you thought of spooky and spontaneous Halloween costumes? Is there any other Halloween hairstyle that has worked for you before? Kindly share with us in the comment box below.


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